Friday, October 22, 2021

Indo-Israeli conspiracy to stage anti-military agitation and bloodshed in Pakistan

The Pakistan forces have to play a strong role to save Pakistan from international conspiracies, planned bloodshed arising from political extremism.

In the guise of women’s liberation dancers, the anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan group has tried to spread unrest in Pakistan by waving anti-Islamic French flags as planned by India and its Western allies. It is like adding fuel to the fire in this tense environment tainted with intolerance and extremism in politics.

The display of anti-Pakistan and anti-Pakistan militias in the Women’s March is a clear indication that Western and Indian agencies are working hard to bring chaos and bloodshed to Pakistan. The enemies of political stability and the armed forces are in fact those external tools. Who are also enemies of Pakistan’s security. And now the polluted political environment has become an ideal playing field for their nefarious purposes

In these critical times, the purpose of hoisting the French flag is in fact to provoke the religious classes and the defenders of the honor of the Holy Prophet (SAW). The goal is to force people of all schools of thought into extremism at the same time. And let Pakistan’s internal and external conditions deteriorate.

The US-Israel-India nexus is active in Pakistan anyway for bloody riots. And in this regard, the hypocritical role of India and its ally France is becoming clear.

Pakistan is very fertile for the traitors of the nation. And the anti-Pakistan forces also have the services of Indian puppet NGOs, which are making a naked spectacle in the name of women’s emancipation. Under the guise of women’s freedom and human rights, the anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam agenda is clear

Since the controversial results of Pakistan’s by-elections, Pakistan’s political and internal situation is being pushed into tension under a plan. And the Senate election controversy has added fuel to the fire. In this whole scenario, Imran Khan, who has consistently deviated from his slogan of corruption and looting, has had to take a vote of confidence.

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Khan does not understand that his slogan of anti-corruption has become a joke in the presence of corrupt looters and professional political crocodiles in his own government. Imran Khan is not ready to expel the notorious people from his government for a corruption-free transparent system, whom Khan himself always called thieves and incompetents.

If Imran Khan want to save the government and the system or improve the situation, then the pro PTI people will have to bring in to the government.

In this tense situation, some PTI thugs threw shoes at Ahsan Iqbal and verbally abused Maryam Aurangzeb. Unfortunately, the inconsiderate people of PTI kept calling the person who hit these shoes a Mujahid. In response, the N League also reacted violently and the mantra spread further. Such apolitical attitude and ignorant folly of political parties has pushed Pakistan a more step nearer towards the bloody anarchy.

In this scattered and blurred scene, the Khan’s troubles do not seem to be over. On the one hand, rising inflation and deviation from Khan’s promises or incompetence of the people are very angry. On the other hand, the dirty game of politicians campaigning against Pakistan’s armed forces by blaming the military establishment for Khan’s selection and failure is rapidly moving towards its logical conclusion.

Tensions created by a mixture of India and European designed women’s liberation show, Senate election corruption story and political extremism have in fact become an ideal platform for a global conspiracy of anarchy and bloodshed in Pakistan.

In this situation, Indian and Western agencies active for their nefarious purposes are openly funding and mobilizing pet terrorist elements like Baloch insurgents, PTM and TTP to stage anti-military demonstrations and political confrontation in Pakistan.

For the survival of democracy, the present government should complete its 5 years, but this government seems to be incapable of dealing with this situation. The afflicted poor people now expect the army to play a role like Zia-ul-Haq or Pervez Musharraf. In the past, the role of N League’s anti-army and anti-Islam Asma Jahangir’s group and Indian tool Sefma’s organization in the overthrow of Nawaz Sharif’s government was terrible. Now professional politicians like Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Babar Awan, Sheikh Rashid and Jahangir Tareen who are currently in the ranks of Mr. Khan can be proved snakes in Khan’s sleeves.

Pakistani politicians never been sincere with national security and solidarity but gaining power or longevity is dear. The Pakistan forces have to play a strong role to save Pakistan from international conspiracies and the planned bloodshed arising from political extremism. However, thwarting their national security and bloodshed plans is not only the responsibility of the army but the duty of every Pakistani.

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