Friday, October 22, 2021

India and Saudi Arabia are strengthening defence ties and strategic relation

According to the wish of Israel and its friend Muhammad Bin Salman the growing defence relations between India and Saudi Arabia came at the time when Pakistan needs support of Saudi Arabia

According to pro Indian experts, India – Saudi Arabia relations are on the brotherly track as both countries have agreed to establish a joint working group on defense and security. The decision was made during the first meeting of the Committee on Political, Security, Social and Cultural Cooperation on February 3.

The meeting was held in the India-Saudi Arabia Agreement for Strategic Partnership Council. The Council was announced during the state visit of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin and Minister of Defense to India, in February 2019.

Both sides were agreed to establish joint working groups for regular dialogue covering various fields.  They will work together in political, consular, Haj, defence, security, culture, film, health, and education fields.

Indian foreign affair stated that both sides referred to Narendra Modi’s visit to Saudi Arabia in October, 20. At that time it was highlighted that the Strategic Partnership Council reflects the desire of the leadership of both sides to impart further momentum to this important relationship.

In November, 2021 the Indian Army Chief General Naravane visited Saudi Arabia and met top Saudi generals. They discussed for strengthening defence ties and exploring further possibilities for strategic cooperation. He had also received Guard of Honor at headquarters of the Royal Saudi Land Forces during the visit.

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اقوام متحدہ کے انسانی حقوق کے اداروں نے دوبئی کی شہزادی کے زندہ ہونے کے ثبوت طلب کر لیے


Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to India Saud Mohammed Al-Sati told that the world see the remarkable stride in the relations between Saudi Arabia and India. He termed the announcement of the Strategic Partnership Council as a landmark move.

The Indian ambassador highlighted joint naval exercises conducted by both countries to enhance their maritime security.

Both countries have signed an agreement on increasing collaboration in military acquisitions, joint research, forming joint ventures, and technology transfers. The deal was signed between the Saudi Military Industries and the Department of Defense Production of India on the sidelines of Narendra Modi’s visit in 2019.

Deputy Chief of mission at the Indian Embassy, N. Ram Prasad told that there will be enhanced cooperation in the research, development, and manufacturing of weapon systems and equipment.

He underscores that the collaboration in the fields of shipbuilding, ammunition manufacturing, drone technology, cybersecurity, space, and emerging new technologies would come under the Saudi Vision 2030.

The growing relations between India and Saudi Arabia has come at a time when differences between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are growing.

People of Pakistan and Muslim world condemn the Saudi silence on the Kashmir issue. The abrogation of Article 370 is a setback for Pakistan and it has repeatedly warned against it.

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