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Bold expression of Arab women will be a challenge to the Arab monarchy

This courageous trend of Arab women could be a threating challenge to the hereditary system of monarchies and caliphates in the whole Arab region.

Some significant events show that the new generation of Arabs is awaking for the personal protection and freedom of expression. This mental revolution may shake up the hereditary monarchy system of Arabs. The courage of women to speak up is evoking a rebellious spirit against social exploitation.

Unlike the Arab women who endured silent oppression in the past, today’s women have the courage to speak about what they face now. Recently, a fashion blogger in Kuwait shared a video regarding sexual harassment, and the ” Me Too Campaign ” has started everywhere.

The sudden launch of the “Me Too Campaign” in Kuwait has spread in other Arab countries as well. Observers believe that the campaign gives encourage to women to speak out boldly in society. When this movement will spread throughout Arabia. Problems and challenges will arise for the hereditary kingdoms of Arabia.

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The “Me Too Campaign” in Kuwait began when American-born Kuwaiti fashion blogger Ascia Al-Faraj spoke openly about the sexual harassment of women in Kuwait in a video on Instagram.

Ascia Al-Faraj has boldly exposed the social evil of sexual harassment, including verbal and physical harassment of women, including her, in every street in Kuwait.

Ascia Al Faraj questioned the silence of women who have been sexually harassed. She said that women should not be ashamed to speak out against any injustice done to them. She said it was the time to expose social injustice and exploitation of women.

Ascia Al Faraj highlights the immoral trend of sexual harassment of Kuwaiti women as a whole, rather than mentioning any incidents that happened to them.

According to Ascia Al Faraj, not only local but all foreign women, including Pakistani, Indian and Filipino women who have come to Kuwait for employment, are also sexually exploited. But they endures all this harassment and exploitation for the sake of their jobs and career. And in this regard, it is my personal observation that I have seen even more serious incidents in other Gulf states as well.

In this connection, Shayma Shamo, who recently returned home after studying medical from abroad, also created an Instagram account with the name Lan Asket.

She asked Kuwaiti women to share what ever happened to them. She has also provided a link to a Google form in her account. In which the victims of harassment are appealed to send the details of the incidents that were happened to them.

The meaning of the Arabic word “lan asket” is “will no longer be silent”. Following the creation of new Instagram accounts under the same name, many foreign embassy officials, including the United States, and the general Kuwaiti community are using the same hashtag to discuss incidents of harassment.

The new outspoken attitude of Arab women is, in fact a major political change in Arab society. This trend could be a threating challenge to the hereditary system of monarchies and caliphates in the Arab region. It may be an unexpected but natural reaction of the oppressed Arab women.

Let me call it, “The birth of a new Arab generation and the social awakening, which could be the beginning of the Arab revolution.”


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