Friday, August 19, 2022

PTI’s neglected loyalist class and Imran Khan’s failed political state

Imran Khan will have to change his policy of ignoring eligible and worthy party loyalist class and rewarding professional corruption kings and queens from other parties.

Isn’t it true that Imran Khan has left his revolutionary manifesto after coming to power? Hasn’t Imran Khan forgotten all his prime promises and fallen prey to political expediency? If he does not meet the expectations of the people, it is because he has ignored loyal founder members of the party and ideologues. And unluckily have surrounded by corrupt professional politics who used to change parties.

Those who are with him are not loyal with the party but upper class friends of him. The majority of his colleagues are with him only for the power and positions. Some corrupt professionals from other parties were included who came to PTI just to enjoy power.

While the people with whom the journey of change was started and who had been with Imran Khan for a purpose. They were ignored after the formation of government. Actually such qualified people were necessary for better results and deserved important positions in the government.

On the orders of Mr. Khan, the nation is watching Ertugrul Ghazi. If Khan Sahib understands the reason for Ertugrul’s success in this drama with his mind, he will know. The companions with whom Ertugrul began the journey of struggle, they stayed with him until the end.

Imran Khan should read history of Akbar the great and Aurangzeb Alamgir, who ruled for 51 and 52 years respectively. The reason for their long reigns was that their ideological and military companions from the beginning remained with them till the end, they did not ask their political enemies to join them.

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After forming the government, Khan gave important posts to “ for sale people” like Babar Awan, Sheikh Rashid and Firdous Ashiq Awan who had always been fierce opponents of his political struggle in the past. These people have the worst reputation been the most notorious people for changing their political parties for power and corruption. Khan has always used anti-corruption slogans but sadly he also carries big names of corruption with him. 

Khan’s anti-corruption slogan became a joke by including corrupt people from other parties instead of his honest workers. Sincere party workers today are heartbroken and disappointed by Khan’s approach.

Khan’s anti-corruption slogan came to be considered a hoax because many of his close associates included corrupt people. And some of them were those people, whom Khan himself had declared corrupt and tainted in the past. Even the people who voted for change did not accept Khan’s action. In the opinion of the people, these corrupt people are also the cause of inflation and mismanagement

Imran Khan’s troubled party needed sincere and courageous comrades. But Khan continued to trust the vested interests coming to PTI from other parties. So instead of backing down, they got into more trouble.

The nation had high hopes from a third force under Khan’s leadership. But those hopes could not be fulfilled without Khan’s real team. Khan preferred political friends to old party workers and real comrades. This has not harmed the nation only but that broke the hearts of that young generation who were loyal to the party and love Mr. Khan like a craze.

Khan is losing the political battle by betraying his manifesto, his promises and his loyal political workers. Time is getting harder and harder for them. The opposing team that needs 6 runs in the last over is going to win by hitting a six on the first ball. And the off-field observers have realized that the captain’s team selection and decisions made on the ground have disappointed the voters and supporters as well.

I think Imran Khan will get the vote of confidence in the National Assembly. But if he really want to get out of troubles, he will have to clean up the mess of vested interests and corrupt elements around him.

As long as there are conscientious objectors and corrupt elements in the Pakistani state and politics, the concept of public welfare will remain a dream. If Khan does not change his ways, this would be his first and last turn. On the contrary, he will soon have to step down


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