Monday, August 2, 2021

Will American singer Rihanna sing Peshawar Zalmi anthem song in PSL 6 cricket?

Rihanna had supported the Indian farmers' protest in India. After that the Indian media and BJP supporters continue to accuse him of taking money from Pakistan.

While a tweet from Peshawar Zalmi chairman Javed Afridi has shocked Pakistanis, it has also burned down the Indian media. Indian has accused Rihanna of supporting the Indian Peasant Movement by taking money from Pakistan.

It may be remembered that American singer Rihanna supported the Indian farmers’ protest in India. After that full of hatred and animosity towards Pakistan, the Indian media and BJP supporters continue to accuse her of taking money from Pakistan.

The 6th season of Pakistan Super League is about to begin. And cricket fans are eagerly awaiting the PSL. People are excited for their favorite teams during the PSL. And on this occasion, every year a new official song of each PSL team is expected.

Javed Afridi, chairman of Peshawar Zalmi, has tweeted about the official song of PSL 6 team Peshawar Zalmi. which has taken the cricket fans by good surprise and the Indian media by painful surprise. In his tweet, Javed Afridi asked the fans of his cricket team Peshawar Zalmi whether the selection of world famous American singer Rihanna for PSL 6, Peshawar Zalmi’s anthem would be right.

Expressing pleasant surprise at Javed Afridi’s short but meaningful tweet, cricket fans are expressing their views. It may be recalled that after Rehana’s statement in support of the peasant movement in India, the Sikh youth active in the peasant protest movement in India have also expressed their liking for Rehana. While ٰIndian media and BJP workers are making hateful statements against her.

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